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I am an Australian labradoodle breeder, with australian labradoodle dogs, I have Australian labradoodle puppies for sale, my labradoodle puppies are bred from fully health tested parents, I have been a Labradoodle breeder for many years, I have a passion for the Australian labradoodles, we have mini doodles, miniature,medium standard, colours red,chocolate,cream,gold,parti, black, wool and ...
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Our ALCA registered Australian labradoodle puppies are born and raised in our home on 3 wooded acres in a rural suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our doodles live a "dog's life'. Our moms and dads are ALCA or ALAA registered multigenerational Australian labradoodles with origins of a mix of breeds (mainly poodle, cocker spaniel and labrador ...
We raise AUSTRALIAN Labradoodles that live in our homes with loving families! We live near Houston, Texas and have bred Labradors from Field and Show Champion Blood Lines for several years. During this time, we learned a lot about Labs, as well as breeding dogs and caring for puppies. Our family loved our Labs and we really enjoyed their puppies. Providence Hill Australian Labradoodles is your source for in-home raised multi-generational labradoodle puppies! See the news below about upcoming litters of labradoodle puppies! Read what others have to say about their experience with Providence Hill Australian Labradoodles. Our two labradoodle studs, "Tucker" and "Finn"
..... to The UK Australian Labradoodle Club, founded by Established and Experienced Breeders Raisdoodles, Manorborn and Doodledoos in 2005. As Pioneering Breeders of the wonderful Pure Australian Labradoodle we believe in maintaining and upholding the Australian Labradoodle Breed Standard by putting health screening and sound temperament first place. Our lo Here at Salem Manor Labradoodles, we strive to breed the highest quality Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles, with the health, beauty, and temperament of our dogs being of utmost importance to our program. Greater Toronto Area Labradoodle Breeder Puppy Heaven Labradoodles are a modest Australian labradoodle breeder stationed in Southern Alberta, Canada and Kamploops, BC. We saw our first labradoodle more than 15 yrs ago and fell for the labradoodle dog breed.
Mini and Medium Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale. There are a variety of colors Chocolate, red, parti. Great for allergy asthma sufferers. They are hypo-allergenic. They are wonderful therapy emotional support dogs. Atlantic Labradoodles is a “Gold Paw” breeder of Australian Labradoodles Association of America . I would like to share my passion for this enchanting breed of dog with you. I first purchased a Labradoodle named Lucy, for my grandchildren. She has been wonderful. I saw first-hand how this breed responds to children and families. Labradoodle Puppies and Dogs. If you're looking for a Labradoodle, can help you find one near you. Use the search tool below and browse adoptable Labradoodles!
Male Labradoodle / Australian Labradoodle An early neutered male is as loving, cuddly and kind as any outgoing "go with the flow" dog. If the male is not neutered early and its testicles drop, it typically becomes a dog that will have more of a mind of its own.
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